Free or not help me

(Oussema Tayzon) #1

i want to install forum and i choose but i hear that it’s free and when i visited the official website i find i should pay i don’t understand plz help

(Christoph) #2

The software is free and you can install it wherever you want but if you want someone to host it for you, you have to pay for that.

(Oussema Tayzon) #3

ohh thank you and there’s no difference when i buy or install alone i mean in code no risk

(Christoph) #4

No difference. But if you install it on your own server, you can add whichever plugin you want (most of which are also free), while on a hosted discourse instance, there are usually limitations to which plugins can be added.

You’re not paying for the software, you’re paying for the hosting.

(Oussema Tayzon) #5

can he support arabic language

(Mittineague) #6

AFAIK, not country specific, but there is eg.