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(Benjol) #188

Dear French translators, I’m currently nearing the end of a sprint. Here are a few bits and pieces.

I’m in the process of doing a big cleanup in the glossary, my logic is as follows:

  • singular or plural of a noun is sufficient, there’s no need for both
  • don’t include words where the French is the same as the English, or where the translation is sufficiently unambiguous
  • don’t include word combinations when the individual words already figure in the glossary
  • don’t duplicate lower and title case translations!
  • don’t include words which don’t appear to occur anywhere in the corpus
  • always define grammatical category
  • don’t leave any untranslated terms
  • prefer translations which already exist in the corpus
  • for a few terms where I wasn’t convinced by the translations but couldn’t find better, I’ve added a ?
  • par endroit j’ai préféré un ton un poil plus formel et impersonnel (you can’t do that = il n’est pas possible de)

ATTENTION: I made a pretty radical decision to translate tags as étiquettes, instead of leaving plain ‘tags’. If you strongly disagree let me know soon and I’ll change back.

Down to 17 pages from 29 :slight_smile:

Also you may like to check out this topic:

(Vincent) #189

Thanks for the hard work!

C’est un très joli mot. Mais pas vraiment ancré dans les usages… Il faudrait prendre le temps d’y réfléchir, peut-être ?

Food for thoughts: Tag (métadonnée) — Wikipédia

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(Benjol) #190

C’est tout le problème du ciblage: Pour un public jeune ou technophile ça va de soi, mais pour les autres, ce n’est pas très clair. Ça me dérange beaucoup moins de laisser trainer des néologismes côté admin, mais il me semble que tag c’est le seul truc côté badaud qui soit confusing.

J’y tiens pas mordicus, alors est-ce que d’autres veulent s’exprimer?

(Régis Hanol) #191

J’ai toujours du mal à me faire à l’idée d’utiliser courriel mais je suis peut être déjà vieux-jeu :wink:

Etiquette me vas très bien :+1:

(Benjol) #192

Oui, j’avoues que je n’ai pas pu me résigner à aller jusqu’à pourriel pour spam :slight_smile:
Je ne me rappelles plus si le choix courriel était déjà fait avant mon arrivé ou pas.

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Tant qu’à traduire tag, je pense à label.
Comme les labels rouges, bio, etc.

(Benjol) #194

Unbreakable spaces
For those who don’t know, French puts a space before most punctuation (;?!: in any case)

So far, in transifex, I’ve included a space in these cases, but not an unbreakable space ( ) - mostly because I’m not sure that transifex + json + Discourse will handle them. This is a bit of a naff compromise, because there will inevitably end up being situations where the space gets broken across two lines.

For any devs around here: what do you think? Is there a way to get   to work?
For any translators: supposing there isn’t a way to get it to work, is a normal space a decent compromise?


Normalement il faudrait un U+202F NARROW NO-BREAK SPACE comme ici ! ← là, avant ce point d’exclamation, à mois que Discourse ne le sucre.

Effectivement, Discourse remplace mon U+202F NARROW NO-BREAK SPACE par un U+0020 SPACE.
Et là ? ← U+00A0 NO-BREAK SPACE

Bon ben vu que Discourse remplace les variantes d’espaces par des espaces simples, même si c’est vraiment dommage, on peut se contenter des espaces normales dans les traductions, j’imagine, @Benjol

(Régis Hanol) #196

What’s the issue with using “normal” spaces?


In books, newspapers and all prints, it is narrow, so big space always looks slightly unfamiliar to me.
But support for narrow spaces is not yet 100%, I guess.
Ultimately it should be this but if even Word is not doing it, I guess no need to be too much on the edge.

(Benjol) #198

Depending on the size of the bounding box, you can get eyesores like this
! Which isn’t really bad, but, yeah…


I just changed “Etiquettes” to “Étiquettes” (accents are not optional on capital letters).

I linked this page like 2 years ago on this topic, but here it is again. It is a great resource that I think should be applied to the French translation:

If you prefer physical copies, this book is also a good reference:

(Benjol) #200


Reality says otherwise :slight_smile: and so does the Wikipedia article you cite (‘Le respect de ces règles n’est pas obligatoire’). But I’m cool with you correcting them.

France will only be free when it gets shot of its prescriptivist mentality, in all aspects of life.

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I don’t really know if you are also in charge of plugins translations. If so, I would have a suggestion.

In the last month update, the button added with the Event Plugin Agenda has been translated as Ordre du jour, which is very correct for one sense of agenda (the things you plan to discuss on a meeting for example) but do not really fit for that use case, in my opinion. In that case, when we are dealing with the events to come, we rarely talk about that «l’ordre du jour» but as «Agenda» like in English. I think Thunderbird, for the same use-case (with their Lightning plugin) refers to it as «Évènements». I think «Agenda» would be even clearer.

(Benjol) #205

I’m sorry, I’m not sure where that plugin translation is (though I may once have known).

(Benjol) #206

Can anyone help me with the difference between Not Spam, Dismiss Spam and Ignore Spam? (js.admin.logs.staff_actions.actions)

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Feedback on the new Review Queue
(Régis Hanol) #207

I think those are part of the new review queue

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(Roman Rizzi) #208

These are a result of Akismet flagging a post as spam and a moderator/admin taking action over it:

  • Not Spam: The post was incorrectly flagged. We notify Akismet that this wasn’t spam and restore the post.
  • Ignore Spam: The reviewable was ignored by an admin/moderator and the post will remain deleted.

Ignore Dismiss Spam since it was replaced with Ignore Spam and will be removed soon.

(Benjol) #209

Thanks, that was the missing link!