Frequent Posters names versus username

I’m not sure what to call this thread exactly so please change it to whatever the correct thing should be.

I use the “Frequent Posters” a lot in a thread where I have to make a spreadsheet on reported problems. I like to click on each user and see only their posts.


However, when I hover my cursor over the avatars, I don’t get their user name, I get their “Name” instead.


I really only know these people by their usernames and some of them frequently change their names for special occasions (holidays, birthdays, etc.)

Is it possible to have the Frequent Posters show the username instead of their Name?

What is the value of the setting prioritize username in ux in your site?


I’m not an Admin, so I’ll have to have someone else check and get back to you.

My Admin fixed this issue for me. Sorry for the trouble.