Fresh Droplet install defaults to beta discourse?

(Jay Patel) #1


Is this normal for default droplet install on digital ocean to be BETA? where to change it to stable?

And is there a way to create posts from Admin panel in under another user’s name? for transferring old data purpose from other platform


Add the Discourse meaning of beta to the install doc
(Jay Patel) #2

i did to stable from app.yml file. is that correct way to do it?


(cpradio) #3


That is usually done via an Import script. Do a search here for import scripts to see how some of the common forums are transferred into Discourse. Otherwise, as an Admin you can create a post and then use the Wrench icon on that post to change the ownership to another person. Or you can impersonate the person and post the topic/reply.

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

Yes, and you’ll need to do a rebuild. I’m not entirely sure that it’ll downgrade it, though. If not, it’ll be easiest (not to say most expeditious) to copy your app.yml somewhere, rm -r /var/discourse and rebuild, copying your app.yml to the new /var/discourse before you bootstrap.

Like @cpradio said, if you’ve got more than a few dozen messages, you’ll want to do an import. It’s not on my shop yet, but I do a no-support quick-and-dirty import for $250. If you need changes to the script, multiple imports or choreographed change over, it costs more.

(Jay Patel) #5

Thanks Jay. I rebuilt but without doing rm -r but it did went well.

I migrated post because very few were there on old database as @cpradio suggested.