Frivolous Unimportant Social Discussions?

(Craig Oda) #1

Is it appropriate to share frivolous, off-topic information in this forum?

I’m experimenting with different features and would like to exchange personal information such as what keyboard I use, what I wrote on my blog, and what my opinion is on things outside of the scope of Discourse features. I think it will make my research into Discourse more pleasant and personalized.

Where can I post an “introduce yourself” type of thread?

One example of information I want to share is that my friend bought a CODE keyboard and really likes it.

Another bit of information is that I wrote a blog post about Discourse and want to get some feedback/discussion about it.

There are several points around the philosophy of community software that I would like to debate, but this is probably only after there is a certain level of trust and information exchange.

I am using the Ubuntu Discourse forum as a way to test usage. It’s an interesting situation there since the vBulletin forum is more active and there’s some animosity between people with different views, some friction between the Discourse users and the vBulletin users.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Is this a post about the importance of Frivolous Unimportant Social Discussions? Or merely an attempt to start an “introduce yourself” topic?

I prefer the former definition so I am going with that. :wink: I always say, why answer the question they asked, when you can instead answer the one they should have asked. :laughing:

There’s typically an “off-topic” or “fun” category on most forums, and topics like this could live there. It is an important part of forum culture, but it varies from forum to forum – some forums might be all business and rules and efficiency, while others might be nothing but off topic fun. It just depends.

On this particular forum, I’d say edit your “about me” to contain all the cool interesting stuff about yourself, but let’s keep the actual discussion here to issues of forum culture and ideally specifics of how Discourse works, is working for you, etcetera.

(Craig Oda) #3

@codinghorror thanks for the clarification. This sounds good. I’m trying to get more practice with the Discourse features by participating in discussions. Many of the rules in this type of forum are culturally set, not set by the technology. For example, the norms for what types of topics to create and when to create a new topic are culturally managed, not by the technology. In order to figure out how things work, I like to poke around.

It’s a similar issue with the “reply as new topic” button. It’ll take a bit of practice to figure out how to use it effectively.

As I haven’t deployed or administered Discourse yet, it’s challenging for me to take part in many of the discussions. It seems like there’s a fair bit of community curation needed to define and enforce the culture of the community.

I’ll plod along and keep learning.