From email 'Display Name' as 'Forum Site'

(Arslan Hassan) #1

Hey Guys,
in addition to the following post

I want to display forum name which is ‘ClipBucket discourse’ in my case when sending notification email which is Gmail parse it as only ‘notify’ and confuses user. Wouldn’t it be nice to display our own forum name instead?

or am I missing something?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

That’s the email deliverability test – it is not like regular emails.

Notifications generally come in this format, with the name of the user who is talking to you.

From: John Stevens <>
Subject: [Community Title] [Category] Topic Title

And you are referencing a topic from Feb '13 that was already fixed.

(Jake Jackson) #3

It would be nice to have the option to not have the ‘From’ name set to the user, but instead be able to generically set it (which is what I thought the original post was about).

From: Company Name <>

(Arslan Hassan) #4

actually i just need the filename i have to edit for this?