Front page 404 non logged users

(Merqurio) #1

Hi everyone !!

I just created an instance with docker on but when a non logged user enters to the forum, the front-page doesn’t render properly and in stead a 404, you can try it yourself the web is live

Thanks in advance for your help !

I just updated the docker container but the error persists open_mouth

(Merqurio) #2

No clues ? Maybe a new installation ?

(Jeff Atwood) #3

How did you install, and where? Did you follow our official docker install guide?

(Merqurio) #4

It’s a docker installation in a digitalocean droplet and yes, I followed the official install twice, step by step. I erased the droplet, made a new installation from 0 but when I import the backup same error appears again. I’m trying to clear all the settings one by one, just to see if I did something wrong.

Really strange thing

It’s up and running, do you see same I do ?

Thanks !

(Merqurio) #5

Found, when I restored the suppress uncategorized badge option, everything started working well. But if I check it again the error doesn’t reproduce .

If you want the backup to check the error… I have no idea what could be the reason.


(Jeff Atwood) #6

I wonder if it is a localization bug. What language is Discourse set to?

(Merqurio) #7

It could be, I set spanish as lang. But the bug was there even if I set english as main language.

Thanks for the support ! :smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #8

So you cannot reproduce the problem? Maybe update to latest code via /admin/docker or /admin/upgrade.

(Merqurio) #9

I tryed to reproduce the problem and the only way was with a fresh install and importing the backup. Whatever is the language when, the bug desappears when I switch off suppress uncategorized badge option in the settings.

If I can do anything to help , please let me know