Frontpage link not clickable

(eDan) #1


After upgrading to the latest version, I realized there are things that do not work properly, relating to the home page link. Here’s how to produce it:

  1. On Home page click on drop down than close it. Hashtag added on URL.

  1. Now click Categories link, pick one category, now click the logo link. Not goes to the homepage.

or after do number 1 than click the drop down again, choose admin, click the homepage link from there. Similar problems when visiting the FAQ page after the step 1.

Update: not just the drop down but the notification and the search.


(Ben T) #2

I don’t see this on Chrome/31.0.1650.57, clicking a category adds the # tag to the URL, but navigating away removes it; and all links continue to work. There must be something in other browsers.

(eDan) #3

I test it using the latest Chrome browser also (incognito mode). Please do the first step first, click the drop down the click again to close it. Now browse to the category page, it should go to the latest posts if click the Discourse logo etc.

(Ben T) #4

So, I’ve

  1. Clicked the dropdown.
  2. Closed it.
  3. Opened it again
  4. Clicked the Categories Link
  5. I’m navigated to the categories page.
  6. Click the header image
  7. I’m navigated to the latest page (as expected.)

I guess I’m just not clear on what the issue is. I’m also testing on OS X, if that fact turns out to matter.

(eDan) #5

Perhaps because I can’t describe it well :slight_smile: but I am really sure if this is a bug.

(Neil Lalonde) #6

I’m noticing this too. Definitely a bug! Looking into it.

(Michael Jonker) #7

Confirmed on Firefox 25.0 Ubuntu

(Neil Lalonde) #8

I just deployed a fix. Let me know if you find it’s still happening somewhere.

(Michael Jonker) #9

Thanks Neil

I am brand new to Discourse and using the main line Git. Have you any quick link to instructions on deploying a fix?

No bother if it is trouble, I can do some research on Monday.

(Ben T) #10

These instructions will have you updating discourse in no time, assuming you use the same document to install. Otherwise, the general idea is there.

(Michael Jonker) #11

Thanks - I am familiar with these and have already upgraded to latest on ‘git checkout latest-release’.

I guess the fix is in bleeding edge, so I may wait for it to trickle down. I am not bleeding brave yet :smile:

(Jacob) #12

Honestly, at this point you’re better off just going with bleeding-edge. I’ve been doing bleeding-edge pulls every day almost for a few months with zero problems.

(eDan) #13

So quick :thumbsup: the problems gone.

(Jeff Atwood) #14

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