FTP into the docker image to send and receive files

(Ova Light) #1

Can such a thing be done ? I am a little confused due to the new IP assinged to me being while inside the image. So I pretty much donnot know what credentials should I use to ftp into it.

What's the path to Discourse installation and uploads directories?
(Jeff Atwood) #2

Is your goal to simply copy files in and out of the docker container, or is there some reason to use ftp?

(Ova Light) #3

This, and to also be able to spectate the files inside @codinghorror

(Ova Light) #4

Can someone help me please ?

(Ova Light) #5

It seems that it doesnt accept ftp connections when inside the image

(Kane York) #6

You can use SFTP - just connect on port 22 (if Filezilla) with user root and the password you set.

(Ova Light) #7

Sorry to say but if I sftp to eth0 it doesnt reveal the /var/www/discourse/ folder . I am talking about the folder that appears when I run the command “./launcher ssh app” . On the other hand I cant sftp Docker0 . can you do such thing ?

(Kane York) #8

Oh, place files in /var/docker/shared (and then in the standalone folder if that exists) and they will show up in /shared inside the container.

(Ova Light) #9

Is there any way one can ftp inside the /www/ ?

(Ova Light) #10

Basically I need a way to manipulate the files realtime like I was doing before

(Ova Light) #11

I have trying adding vagrant into the mix , but it seems to be irrelevant , since it can only be used with a gui [VirtualBox]

(Ben T) #12

Anything not in /var/docker/shared will be deleted when you upgrade or rebuild (database excluded.) You’ll want to look into using plugins to make core changes to discourse, as those won’t be deleted.

(Ova Light) #13

Os there a way for me to share /www/ as well though? I am aware of the backup practices that I have to take in order to not lose data. It could really come in handy if I can have that folder shared and available as well.

(Ben T) #14

You can sftp into port 2222 on the server. You have to use the SSH key generated for the root user on the actual machine.

This is not a good idea; if you want to tool around with the files on discourse you should set up the development environment.

(Ova Light) #15

do I use Docker0 inetd for that ? cause it seems not to work that way

(Ova Light) #16

Found the solution. You can close it

(Régis Hanol) #17