Full Page Search vs. Pop Up Search + WP Integration

(Ivan) #1

I realized this might seem like a dupe Full page search does not search users or categories like on-page search does but I didn’t find anything that provided a solution to what I’m trying to figure out.

We currently integrate Discourse search on our WP, with the action attribute on our homepage search is targeting ‘https://ask.example.com/search’. Ideally we’d like to provide the search capability that the ‘pop up search’ provides, specifically, the user profiles.

Is there a way to target the ‘pop up search’ on ‘ask.example.com’, instead of ‘full search’ on ‘/search’, as it doesn’t provide the profiles? If someone has managed to modify ‘full search’ to incorporate profiles, I’d love to know how you did it.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

The API point /search/query.json?term=nemo brings the same content of the ‘pop up seach’. That put you can either:

  • Create your own page search using this API point.
  • Send a PR to add all search results to the full page search.

I’m evaluating search integration right now too, and using the API so Discourse Posts are searched together with our site artifacts (news, docs, videos etc).

(Ivan) #3

Great! Thanks Falco.

Time to figure out how to manipulate this :slightly_smiling:

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

Start with:

curl "http://example.org/search/query.json?term=nemo&include_blurbs=true&api_key=1233455467578&api_username=system"