Full text/image in quotes

(William) #1


Is there an option to quote a full post with full text, image and formatting?
Currently I’m only getting 5 lines all compressed and it could look better.


(Régis Hanol) #2

Have you tried clicking the quote button (a bubble) in the composer toolbar (first icon on the left)?

(William) #3


I used to just paste the link to another topic so it appearred all compressed.
What I did:

  • start a reply on the post i want to quote
  • use the quote button
  • paste the code generated (with full=true) into the topic where the quote should appear.

"Solved" onebox does not display images
(William) #4

Now quoting doesn’t display images anymore?

I have the following instead:
Image collée714x438 15.3 KB