G Suite not working to send emails from discourse

I have been using smtp.gmail.com when the discourse was initial setup. I am using an email address from G suite which does not have @gmail.com domain. It was working fine when initially setup back in last year August 2019.
But all of a sudden for last couple of months the email from discourse is not working. Can’t send email or reset password as email is not received.

Is there any google policy that has blocked G suite email at discourse?

I see the below error while troubleshooting the emails issue which says G Suite might work:

============================== WARNING ==============================

Sending mail with Gmail is a violation of their terms of service.

Sending with G Suite might work, but it is not recommended. For information see:

I will appreciate your input on this.


That warning gives a pretty strong hint about what’s going on here :slight_smile:

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Hi Bart
Thanks for you reply. i just updated the content of my issue. Actually we r using an email from G suite that does not have @gmail.com domain.

In that case, you’re paying for email services. What does their support say?

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I believe that there is a guide here that provides directions for having Google accept connections from your server’s ip address.

Hi Jay
Can you point me to the guide that your referencing?

It’s harder to find than I thought. Maybe
Gmail SMTP Relay Setup not working will help.

Knowing to configure gsuite for the ip is likely to get to instructions elsewhere.

It’s much easier to use something like mailgun.

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Thanks a lot Jay.
Appreciate for your time on this.

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