Ga analytics domain name

(Mario) #1

I don’t understand what should I put into “ga analytics domain name” for google analytics.
Should I leave it as “auto” or should I put my website’s domain name.

(Mario) #2

sorry, it is “ga universal domain name” not “ga analytics domain name”


I have auto in both mine (with a tracking code in the first field) and they work. I concede to not knowing the logic though, so if anyone can explain that’d be helpful.

(Neil Lalonde) #4

If the domain name setting is set, then we’ll add this to the google javascript:

_gaq.push(['_setDomainName', '']);

So… it does this?

Sets the domain name for the GATC cookies. There are three modes to this method: (“auto” | “none” | [domain]). By default, the method is set to auto, which attempts to resolve the domain name based on the document.domain property in the DOM.

Specifying a Domain

See the Cross Domain Tracking Guide for a variety of examples that illustrate when and how to specify a domain with this method. The following example illustrates how you would set the domain name to