Gamification features

(Jack James) #1

I’m surprised this one hasn’t come up already, given how much of a proponent @codinghorror is.
Are there plans to add gamification features to discourse?

(Philip James) #2

While I’m sure the devs have given this some thought already, what would you see a gamification system looking like for Discourse? Points for certain actions? Trophies for certain actions?

(savagelight) #3

This is a feature I personally would love to see.

(savagelight) #4

Points would be great for a community because it could create a type of economy around certain things. What to create it around? Well what is the goal of discourse?

(Jack James) #5

I would like to think both.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

We really wanted a badging system with badges for reading the FAQ, your first liked reply, filling out your profile, etc.

We just didn’t have time to get to it, and the core gameplay of reading and replying was so much more fundamental. But we want to get to it!

(Philip James) #7

I think if a similar approach is taken here as was taken on StackExchange, things are going to be shiny. Most specifically, points should be awarded not just for posting, because a forum war of attrition benefits nobody, but generated from the number of ‘likes’ (or some other measure of whuffie) a particular post gets.

This is entirely IMHO, and worth exactly what you’re paying for it. :wink:

(Kane York) #8

We’ve had badges for a while now, and I think they turned out great :smile:

(Kane York) #9