Gay flag emoji not showing up?


If you have iOS 10, you’d know that Apple has added the flag that represents the LGBT community. Discourse has updated to iOS ten emojis because they look like the ones I then picker, but for some reason this emoji won’t show up. Is this a bug or did you not do all emojis yet?

Add Unicode 9 emoji
(Jeff Atwood) #2

We update based on the unicode version, not Apple version. I believe we are on Unicode 8:

Unicode 9:

Unicode 10:

It looks like this is a multi-unicode sequence, I am not sure we support any of these yet:

(Eli the Bearded) #3

Well that’s a Unicode 9 feature (I’m pretty sure), so if you are only targeting 8, no problem. The pride flag is not an official Unicode flag (as of 9, the latest edition).

There are two types of flags in Unicode, generic single code points, which will be monochrome in the reference image (:flag_black: U+2691 ) , and regional indicators. Those use special translations of country codes (eg DE for Germany :de: :de: ) to map character pairs into flags.

(Régis Hanol) #4

We’re using emojis from the Emoji 3 spec and only if they are available in all the sets we support. The LGBT flag is in the Emoji 4 spec which is in draft.

(Eli the Bearded) #5

What is the list of “all sets”?

That topic implies Emoji One, Twitter, Apple, Google, and Windows. For flags, it looks like Discourse only has ten countries represented. And it also looks like from your Emoji 3 link that Windows is the limiter on flags.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #6

We need to do a big refactor on the emoji front, so we get skin color tone and other modifiers working. And this work is slotted for the 1.8 release.

(Eli the Bearded) #7

Skin tone (“fitzpatrick”) and zero-width-joiner (ZWJ) are the only two emoji modifiers I can think of, and the ZWJ stuff has a trivial fallback allowed (just treat a set of them as a single word for line-break purposes).

If you do go to unified glyphs for ZWJ families, then with skin tone variations it will balloon the image count significantly, or you need to do some sort of in-browser composition.

I only see skin tone listed in the #releases. Are there other modifiers besides those two?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #8

Hahaha, I’m not well versed on emoji encoding as you are :smile:. I wanted to say that the next batch of emoji work is slotted for the 1.8 release cycle, so it’s gonna be a while since we see new stuff in this area,

(Jeff Atwood) #9