General question regarding embedding Discourse on Ghost

since that is my first topic here, i want to thank Discourse team for their amazing software!!

now to my actual topic! im building a blog and i want to use Discourse as a comment system for Ghost CMS. i already have setup a Discourse instance and already tried how embedding Discourse works, according to @codinghorror documentation

i have several categories on Discourse, but the plan is to to have a single category named “Blog Posts” and all Ghost posts to be posted there. the blog will be kinda active, it may gets 5 new posts everyday and from different authors

because i have only tested …well, like a single day (today), is something wrong with that, or anything im missing? any tips and best practices will be very welcome, b/c i dont want to later found out something nasty :slight_smile:

thank you in advance!

btw the blog will be on and it is a blog about GNOME and OSTree/Flatpak stuff! so if you’re interested i’ll be happy to see you around!

oh, that instance is only for testing Discourse, and im currently developing the Ghost theme, so that is missing too! i’ll get everything up a running in a few days (i hope)