Geolocators en masse?

(Jeffrey Keefer) #1

I know there was a thread to lookup a singe user in Discourse, though I am wondering if there is a way to lookup all our participants, so we can get a sense where our active users are coming from?

Thank you!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

You will probably need a Data Explorer query / export to do that.

(Jeffrey Keefer) #3

Thank you. Not having that programming ability, I will tell those who requested it that it cannot be done at present. Thank you!

(Sam) #4

Doesn’t Google Analytics provide something like this? Might be an option you could look into, at least.

(Jeffrey Keefer) #5

Thanks, @Yuun. A colleague suggested that, though without being a programmer or developer, I am at a loss as to what or how to do that from scratch.