German translation: Sie or du? (T–V distinction)

(Jens Helweg) #1

In german language there are basically two forms to translate the second person pronouns: “Sie” or “du”.
In short: “Sie” is considered to be more polite but also more formal.
(If you don’t know what I am talking about checkout the wikipedia articles in either german or english

I guess (and suggest) that the informal (“du”) is preferred. Am I right?

Support for formal/informal language variations
(Ben T) #2

You may find this thread interesting, but I believe you are right with the informal use.

(Jens Helweg) #3

@trident: Thanks for pointing out. Since @Sander78 translated Discourse for dutch in the informal way I guess this should be done in german language as well.

(Jens Maier) #4

Actually, I disagree. The default translation should be formal for the simple reason that this works for everyone; few communities, if any, will absolutely require an informal translation, but there are several use-cases – e.g. customer support forums – where users can not be addressed informally.

Transifex for informal German