Getting a 502 on my user summary.json

(Olivier Lambert) #1

Hey guys, just updated my discourse install through the ./launcher rebuild-app thing.

Everything went smoothly, but now I’m stuck with a 502 error on my user summary json feed.

Any clues on what might have gone wrong?

EDIT: Just found out it works with some other users (La Tranchée = Communauté + Coaching + Formation) however, the loading time is really slow.

It’s the first time I see such a slow loading time. Any clue what might be wrong?

EDIT #2 :laughing::

Did a htop:

Why the hell is postgress using up 99% of my cpu?

EDIT #3: Well, my loading times seems to be getting back to normal and no more 502 errors. Will update this thread again if the problem persist!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Probably just the Postgres 10 upgrade.

(Olivier Lambert) #3

Everything back to normal, probably that. I freak out all the time when I update. I shouldn’t be scared to break my site everytime I want to add a plugin :laughing:. Any chance the plugin install could be more like WordPress somewhere down the road?