Getting notification when you reply to a topic

(5an1ty) #1

So, this is kinda hard to reproduce but:

  • Reply to a topic or create a new topic
  • Go back to the main discourse page (Pressing back in browser)
  • You will see a notification saying there is one new topic, but actually it’s just your reply

I don’t think this is intended behavior?

How do I stop myself from receiving email notifications when I reply to a topic?
(5an1ty) #2

Could you guys try and see if you can repro this? @Sam @Neil @zogstrip

(Ronteras) #3

we have one user on our forum with exactly the same problem. I’d love to hear the solution as well.

(Sam Saffron) #4

Yes, this is a bug caused by a race condition, I want to sort it out.

(5an1ty) #5

Score! I’m on a roll :-). Cheers!

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Pretty sure this got fixed.

That said, if you have multiple browser instances or tabs open pointing to the same forum you will definitely see this, and it is “by design”.

(Jeff Atwood) #7