Getting problem with email confirmation

(Pratik Sinha) #1

After installation we are not getting the email to confirm
I am using gsuite
Help me with SMTP
Otherwise is there any way to skip the email thing now?

(Stephen) #2

You need to provide much more information here on your setup.

(Pratik Sinha) #3

Please tell me your requirements to fix this

(Stephen) #4

Help us help you. Some useful information to share when asking for help:

  • How it was installed
  • Where it was installed
    • AWS/Digitalocean/Other
  • How it was configured
    • Any reverse proxy, network devices or anything else which may interfere with traffic
    • Cloudflare or CDN
  • Email

Otherwise you’re asking us to figure out which piece of config is incorrect whilst blindfold, with one (or both) arm(s) tied behind our back.