Getting SMTP to work

Hey, I have been using Discourse for a few days and have almost everything setup except for SMTP for sending emails for verification, etc… I’ve decided to use SparkPost but every time I send the test email I am getting a rejection with the following reason…

550 5.7.1 Unconfigured Sending Domain <>

Any idea why? Any help would be appreciate.

Thank you!

What is your notification email in admin?

Also, What are the settings under
Admin > Email
if necessary, Post relevant details here after redacting any personally identifiable information.

@itsbhanusharma I’ve changed the notification email to the same email in which my SparkPost was set up with. Though I am still getting the same error, with a different domain (obviously).

Reasion for rejection: 550 5.7.1 Unverified Sending Domain <[my domain].org>

port: 587
user_name: SMTP_Injection
authentication: plain
enable_starttls_auto: true

Does that pipe | appear in your config or is some kind of omission from your side?
Have you created necessary SPF/DKIM/DMARC/MX records provided by sparkpost into your DNS?


The pipe was accidentally added while I was copy/pasting the config in.
Yes, I created the TXT record that SparkPost asked me to create in order to verify my domain, though that was a few hours ago, I may just wait until tomorrow to check back. (assuming it’s just slow to propagate)

Anything else to try in the time being? @itsbhanusharma

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well, that will depend on your DNS provider, If you can PM me your domain name, I may be able to do some tests and check if their records are successfully created or,

Try visiting and entering your domain name and searching if it sees your TXT records.


It says that the domain is unverified. Have you checked sparkpost to see that you’ve set the spf and dkim records and clicked some button to enable it?

@pfaffman If I were to send you a PM with my DNS records, would you be able to provide me with the issue?

My install packages are here: Discourse Installation Packages – Literate Computing, LLC

I charge an extra $100 to configure something other than mailgun.

Would you charge me to just diagnose what the issue is an tell me about it so I can do it myself?

Diagnosing discourse problems is how I make my living. If you can post enough here that something is obvious I might help here for free.

I’d recommend that you look at the sparkpost docs. It’s pretty clear that you’ve not configured it for your domain.

I’ve gotten slightly further, though now getting a warning when using the SPF Inspector.

You can view it in the screenshot here: Screenshot - 7b3573931df1611aecd12e679ffb36bb - Gyazo

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(also, I do have those two MX records added so not sure why it’s giving this warning.) @pfaffman

(also sent you a pm with my dns records on your website)