Giphy image shows anon but not when logged in

At first I viewed a post with a Giphy image with in and the image was visible. I liked the post and now the image is broken - If I view the page anonymously, the image shows.

The image source seems to be the same, i.e. the direct link to the giphy image.

Anyone know what’s up?


Link: Site update coming tonight! - Announcements -

It doesn’t looks like a Discourse related issue. The image not served locally. And I am able to see it in either way. Are you seeing any browser console errors?

Thanks Vinoth. I’m happy if it’s just me. Got bigger fish to fry.

No console errors.

Images too large to mirror on the server (default limit 3072kb) are replaced by text links with an indication that the image was too large to download. That’s my guess.