Give discourse social media look

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In my opinion this is a satisfying answer and helps us users provide feedback on issues more relevant to currently ongoing development.

The minimal layout topic is showing a lot of promise regarding fruitful contribution to aesthetics of vanilla Discourse and although it’s a bit off topic, many good points are made there!

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This is a great answer, i just tweeted it :smiley:

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Now I’ve used discourse for a while trying to build a community.

It made me realize we don’t talk to people on social media.
We just blast them with messages, photos and videos

And with social media it’s all about how many followers you have.
How many people will see your message? How many people like it? How many people share it?

With discourse you have to use your social skills.
Introduce people to each other. Try to get everyone talking together.

It’s bit like being a party host. In some way’s, it’s more social than social media! :smile:


Great to hear this, my impression is the team is mostly there already. :smile: I look forward to the further discussion on how to extend the platform for other use cases that people are now using FB groups for (and thus fragmenting communities), but make it conducive to conversation in the Discourse aesthetic.

Agreed, “social media” is a hype term, with little meaning. Forums are social, if you want a non-social “conversation” platform, something like disqus comes to mind or youtube comments.

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I look forward too! I’m very interesting in such extension! I’m shifting my community from FB To Discourse. Please let me this easy :wink:

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I’ve come up with idea that would keep @purldator happy and everyone else! :smiley:

“Category Content Types” :blush:

i.e you can have normal discourse display category.

If you wanted community event meet ups then you would use
the events category type. This would display posts in order of dates of events!

You could have

  • video category type
  • group category type.
  • events category type

Category Content Forum Types

I found this article which explains there are different Types Of Communities

There are, broadly speaking, five different types of communities.

  1. Interest. Communities of people who share the same interest or
  1. Action. Communities of people trying to bring about change.
  1. Place. Communities of people brought together by geographic
  1. Practice. Communities of people in the same profession or undertake the same activities.
  1. Circumstance. Communities of people brought together by external events/situations.

all forums tailor for Communities that are text driven information such as coding, business, marketing questions

If you want features for 3 , 4 , 5 your struck with social media as a forum.


I’d say #1 is also being taken over by social media as well. It’s easy to start a group on FB with no technical skill involved. Even though the platform is pretty limited compared to a forum, they are becoming more popular, even finally attracting people who tried avoiding signing up for many years. Google groups started replacing email lists several years ago, and FB groups a couple years ago.

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Indeed, that I do like. :+1:

Instead of just ‘video’ I would suggest ‘media’. Which could be video or image. A thumbnail of the media could be displayed next to the topic title. I was going to do a mock up but I should very shortly. (Real life manages to steam roll itself in when it wants to!)

Group and event? Welll. Not every Discourse forum is geared toward events (unlike media, which is a mainstay to probably most instances) but I know some are. Just as long as they can be turned off from the admin CP, I think it’s something worth building into core.

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Great - the simpler and more general the better. I also feel that this extension would be the one which would boost Discourse the most. Event and group would be nice, but an image gallery can be found on quite a number of forums out there. And a ‘media’ type would cover this use case in a very elegant and Discourse-y manner… :smiley:

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One thing I learned with image galleries and adding them to forums: don’t do them.

I had a full media gallery separate from the boards. I had high ambitions for it, where members add their art, screencaps, ect.

Of course, sometimes the user doesn’t do what you expect them to do.

My community members eschewed this big image/media gallery and instead stuck to the boards. They would open a single thread and post their artwork, claiming this thread as their own.

After a while, I grew to like this system my members devised on their own. Which is why I am all for a topic thumbnail that fetches the first image/video and turns it into a thumbnail. Now, to have some nice markdown-like code that my members can use to make their large art ‘drops’ look nice? This image ‘gallery’ plugin is the perfect solution. Just need to keep it updated.

And there you go. No need for a separate gallery. It’s inline with the discussions as it should be.

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If feature helps the group to bond more easily! it’s a good feature as I’ve read here! :blush:

Successful online community building is connecting a group of people online and making them feel a part of something special. This 'something special’ element is the overlooked bit.

However, the common interest is the first level of the group bonding. It’s usually overrated. If you’ve ever been part of a purposeful group you know it’s not the mission/common interest that matters. The most important missions on the planet often have the lowest level of engagement. What matters most is how well you bond with others members of the group.

The better you get to know and like your fellow members, and the more you care about their opinion of you, the more you participate and thus work towards a successful goal.

Your role is to create an environment, through both your mass and micro (one to one) communications, that facilitates this. This means in public you might recognize top members, talk about the community and plan events. In private you might build relationships with key members, introduce members to each other, ask for opinions and suggestions and work towards a greater good.

This also means designing your community that reflects both the common interest and the individual contributions as equals. Half your community might be about developments on the topic, the other half should be about the contributions of members.

Now as your community grows you need to begin decentralizing responsibility. Give popular members their own forums/groups to moderate. Schedule regular events/activities that other members can be responsible for organizing.

Finally, dream big. Begin arranging offline meet-ups and consider pushing the boundaries. Try adding a paid job adverts page, developing branded products, inviting relevant companies to run focus groups.

What I realized was this! Social media you meet a friend off line and then keep in touch using facebook. Or you just look stuff that interesting that people have shared on youtube, Tumblr or pinterest but your not going meetup with those people. Their not part of your community

With online community you talk there 1st and then you meet off line at a event
because generally like to talk people who share similar interest as us :smile:

That’s all a forum is to talk to people who enjoy the same things as you do!

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We kinda already have that. A topic has the image_url attribute, which is filled by the cooked-post-processor automatically (using only the image from the first post). It is just not used in the current UI, but the infrastructure is all there. And with a custom template, you can just link to that image in your overview pages (or wherever you have a topic-model). That’s what we are doing.

EDIT: it also has a bug in though. At the moment also any smileys are taken as thumbnails. I have a fix for that, but as it isn’t used in core, I don’t think sending a PR for it, makes much sense atm.

How to determine category from a header customization?
Reddit Style picture thumbnail on the left
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Was reading your reply and then you made your edit. Hopes are dashed, for now.

Still, I am glad that was already taken into account. The trick would be to either have topics on the list without images to gracefully fall back to a different, default view or simply replace the topic’s ‘thumb’ with the opening poster’s avatar.

(Charles Wilmott) #53

I’ve just up with idea for “Category Group Content”

It’s basically the image category background but the image links to the group topic.
What do you think?

(Joe Seyfried) #54

@lightyear, thanks for digging into this!

I somehow disagree here: since the code is there, and the functionality is now mentioned here, people (like me) might start to look into it and use it for their own custom themes… :wink:

(Benjamin Kampmann) #55

Here is the patch we applied:

diff --git a/lib/cooked_post_processor.rb b/lib/cooked_post_processor.rb
--- a/lib/cooked_post_processor.rb
+++ b/lib/cooked_post_processor.rb
@@ -203,8 +203,12 @@ class CookedPostProcessor

   def update_topic_image(images)
     if @post.post_number == 1
-      img = images.first
-      @post.topic.update_column(:image_url, img["src"]) if img["src"].present?
+      img_idx = images.find_index do |p|
+        p["src"].present? && (
+          !p["class"].present? || p["class"] != "emoji")
+      end
+      return if img_idx == nil
+      @post.topic.update_column(:image_url, images[img_idx]["src"])

The reason I would not want this in core is clear: we filter on the class “emoji”, basically the core adding some specific behavior for a non-required plugin. Other plugins which add picture still show up. This patch – though working for now and fixes the bug – is not good.

Reddit Style picture thumbnail on the left
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I’ve tried a few different niches now and I still get this type of reply about forums

i dont really know, as i am not familiar with forums, and
i dont personally participate in them

Did anyone find their users views changed about forums after
using a discourse forum?

(Benjamin Kampmann) #57

The word “forums” has a bad sound to it to people, I do not use it when I talk about discourse and I find even people, who otherwise don’t (want to) use forums, do use discourse. It seems that using that word creates a certain expectation of it being crappy and then people will find a way to make that expectation happen. If you don’t use that word, it appears, they are more open minded and easily fall in love with DC. So, my advice, don’t tell them to use a forum, talk about “creating a community” (or something more positive sounding), and they do “change” their mind … in some way.

(Charles Wilmott) #58

Thank you that’s great advise! It’s made more feel more positive again! Thanks again! :blush:


I do think forums need a lot of re-branding, they are just not cool, anymore, if ever. Don’t get me wrong, I have participated in them for many years.

I am a bit bummed about discourse now. Last night I showed my other half meta discourse telling her I was thinking of switching the software and the reaction was totally negative. She doesn’t use social media just our forum. She thought it was too busy in the index with the avatars and unfriendly/harsh looking. I am afraid many people will react this way that are not programmers or heavy computer users. I think if I use discourse, it’ll need extensive theming to make it inviting to regular users.