Global Email Template

(Joshua Lippiner) #1

I just installed Discourse and I have it up and running. It’s pretty awesome but I am a amazed that there is no way to create a common email template. You have dozens of different types of emails, but if I want to create a simple, common template for my emails (i.e. common header, footer, style) there doesn’t appear to be a way to do this.

Am I missing something?

(Vinoth Kannan) #2

Currently email template file located in /app/views/email/template.html.erb. To override that you have to use plugin.

(Joshua Lippiner) #3

Thanks. I went through the beginners guide to plugins for Discourse but didnt see any examples of how to create a file to overwrite an existing view, such as template.html.erb. Any idea where I can find that?