Global favourites aka "the best of"

(Amit Friedmann) #1

Hello, I’ve been running my own instance of the great and mighty Discourse and loving it! It’s a website targeted to the Israeli community so I did some funky RTL and floating customisation to give it a better look and feel in hebrew and it works great. I’ve stumbled upon a missing feature that I was thinking as implementing myself as another custom UI, but before doing that I was thinking to raise it as a feature request: a global favourites drop down list in the header menu. A placeholder to put the best of the best posts anyone entered the forum should absolutely read. These are not pinned topics (that can be cleared) IMO that used more of of a set rules for the forum, but posts that had or still have mass effect. This is also not hot topics since those post can be already old and not updated frequently.
Some forums call it ‘taglines’, some just add custom menu with links.
Am I mixing too many different behaviours or does it makes sense?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

It does make sense. We need a way for new visitors to find the 20 “best” topics on the site to understand what it is about.

Right now you can browse latest, and latest by category, but there’s no way to say “show me the best topics in this category”. We have this at the individual topic level but we don’t have it for categories or the whole site.

I was thinking that implementing column sorts would help with this, because you could sort by likes, number of replies, and that sort of thing.

(Amit Friedmann) #3

Columns sorts is a great feature, but It can co-exist with “best of” I guess. The different mainly is that sorting will give you the top most topics by a factor which was derived by the community (like most liked) while “best of” is usually maintained by moderators.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

If it is maintained by moderators manually then you are talking about pinned topics.

“Best of”, either at the individual topic or category level, is driven by algorithms – that can indeed be influenced by moderator likes, which are weighted 3x by default.

(Amit Friedmann) #5

That’s true, but you don’t want 20 pinned topic covering the first latest page IMO and when a user clears them the only way to find them back is in search (which is not bad, I am just suggesting a quick link menu with those). I think we agree on the same… The difference is if it driven by algorithm or manual. Algorithm is much more generic approach, and I agree that it’s the right way to implement it (and would love to see it happen soon), while manual menu should be left to each forum to implement.

(Nicholas Perry) #6

It would be neat to have a “super star” feature where an admin can tag a post with a moderator-level favorite and have it show up in a special highlights category for all users…

The easiest way to do it right now would be to create pinned and locked post that only moderators can edit. Call it “The best of [category]” or “The best of [forum name]”.

We do something similar for our internal discourse. Instead of pinning all sorts of posts with interesting discussions, we just have one main post that gets pinned and updated. - This lets us reserve pinned items to things that people really need to see (important notifications, site changes, moderator adjustments, etc). By routing all the miscellaneous highlights into a hey check this out" thread, it keeps things uncluttered.

I don’t know how to prevent users from unpinning it, but that may be a good thing.

While it is a bit of a pain to coral all the links together, the added benefit is that you can structure this post to however you feel like and it can adapt to the growth of the site.

(Kane York) #7

This is implemented:

P.S.[quote=“ultimape, post:6, topic:10241”]
It would be neat to have a “super star” feature where an admin can tag a post with a moderator-level favorite and have it show up in a special highlights category for all users…

Likes from mods and admins are weighted 3x in the /top rankings. This is incorrect.

(Régis Hanol) #8

Where does that come from?

(Kane York) #9

I was assuming that this setting actually did something:

I may be wrong, though, and it may have been a holdover from the scrapped “Hot” tab.

(Régis Hanol) #10

No it’s only used to select the best comments to show via the wordpress plugin.