Globally deleting posts & replys after 1 day, 1 week, etc...?

(Rich Griese) #1

Hey Folks, thanks for yesterdays responses. I’ve been looking at other tools including; Slack, Discord, Gitter,, and a number of others, all of which have sticking points. I understand you have a $100 install option with ongoing server charges of like $10 a months, which seems a reasonable cost for someone that wants to run a community.

So… Can Discourse be set to delete all entries within a set time period, like 24 hours or 1 week?

It might sound strange, but I’m thinking of using Discourse as a chat like replacement. I feel that chatting online should be more like chatting in real life, in that, in real life, you don’t have the ability to scroll back into logs. Chat is a more real time ethereal experience. Hence, I have a great desire to find a way to not build up a giant database of past material, but would like to set things the delete on an automatically, rolling basis per some time period that I will experiment with between 24 hours and 8 days.

Can Discourse do this?


(Kane York) #2

Several UI features and decisions will be very strange if you use Discourse as an ephemeral chat and nothing else.

I recommend you use Discourse as building an ad-hoc knowledge base, and use something designed for chat (like Slack) for chatting.

(Rich Griese) #3

It looks like in the API documentation that there is a 2.2.4 Delete Message which takes the form of DELETE

Are both the original topics and the later reply both considered "messages"in this sense? Is so, it looks like it might be possible to use a combination of 2.2.1 Get Messages and 2.2.4 Delete Message to delete everything older than a certain time.

Is this accurate, or am I missing something?