Gmail Auto-Sizing

Gmail, on iOS, was not auto-sizing summary emails in previous releases but is now. Does someone know what might have changed? It throws the nicely formatted summary out of alignment.

EDIT: This change occurred in the last month as digest emails in March appeared fine in Gmail whereas April digests are auto-sized.

Gmail auto-sizing:

Revert auto-sizing:


It looks like we may need to test this on an email testing service. It would be great if someone from the Discourse team who has an IOS phone could confirm the issue before we do that. I’m not certain that issue is related to changes to the Discourse code. It could be related to changes in the way that Gmail for iOS is rendering the emails.

What leads me to believe it’s in the code is that my summary/digest from March still displays fine from the beginning. I went through the source code for both but couldn’t find any obvious change however.

This has been resolved in the latest release. 2.7.0.beta8