Gmail truncates digest emails

(AstonJ) #1

Anyone else getting this problem? Gmail is truncating our digest emails because they are over 102kb (excluding images):

I have digest other topics set to 100 as our users often use the digest email as an update of what they’ve missed (one of the reasons why I think so many of them keep their digest subscriptions).

How is everyone dealing with this? I don’t think I have any of the older digest emails (which afaik I had also set to 100 topics) but I’d be interested in seeing how they faired.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Well there’s your problem right there.

(AstonJ) #3

Not if the previous version of the digest (with 100 topics) was less than 102kb :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Edit: Changing it to 3 topics, 2 posts and 20 other topics avoids truncation, but I don’t think that’s anywhere near enough for a weekly digest…

(Neil Lalonde) #4

If they only want to follow by email, then mailing list mode sounds like a better fit for them.

(AstonJ) #5

I think a lot of people who use the digest as an update of what’s gone on the forum would not be happy with the mailing list mode tbh (I know I wouldn’t). Up to a thousand emails per week vs one - there’s no contest which is more palatable, not to mention easier to scan to get an overview of what’s gone on.

I am a member of a number of Discourse forums now; this one, HAProxy, Docker and my own. But I only have the digest enable for here and my own - because I don’t care enough about the others. But I do care about these and I care enough to want a more complete overview of what I’ve missed, rather than merely a short sample.

As far as I am aware only gmail is doing this, so I wonder if it might be worth adding an experimental option in the ACP - if user's email is gmail restrict other topics to with a default of 20, and then see if users notice a difference or complain?

(Matt Palmer) #6

Adding in tweaks for every mail provider’s odd little quirks is a losing proposition, IMO – you’ll be chasing your tail endlessly trying to keep up with whatever someone’s decided to foist on their customers. For this truncation thing, it’s not like the mail gets dropped or even sent to spam – the user just has to click “view rest of message” when they get to the bottom. This is not something worth spending a lot of time on.

(AstonJ) #7

Perhaps a better option would be to let users choose the amount of ‘topics’ they’d like included in the digest email? This would address the other issue of preference - some users might want fewer topics shown while others might want them all. I think this could lead to more subscriptions as we’d be catering for all tastes :slight_smile:

(Matt Palmer) #8

That’s a PR that’s more likely to be accepted, as it isn’t a huge gift of on-going work forever more.

(AstonJ) #9

I might have a stab at this at some point then - been meaning to do a DC plugin/pr for ages, but keeping getting scared by Ember (not a JS person at all, haha!)