"Go to top" button for topic list

(Pirat) #1

I think you need to add a button up

(TechnoBear) #2

You mean like Home?

Given that Discourse has infinite scroll, I’m not sure where you could position such a button, and Home seems to work OK.

(Pirat) #3

for me it would be convenient
I think it will not be superfluous

(TechnoBear) #4

Where do you envisage positioning such a button?

(I’m not arguing against the idea - just curious as to how you would implement it.)

(Pirat) #5

that’s done as an example for you

(TechnoBear) #6

So not a button in the usual sense? You’d like to be able to click in the left margin to return to top?

(Pirat) #7

only not simply returned and leafing through a bottom-up

(TechnoBear) #8

Sorry - I don’t quite understand what you mean by that.


I think it means go up button
like this for home page

(Pirat) #10

no, this button will be more comfortable


you can use this code for go to top
admin > customize > css_html


   <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://cld.persiangig.com/preview/AInzv5oCSn/totop.js"></script>

    <style type='text/css'>
        position: fixed;right: -30px;bottom: -80px;
        width: 149px;height: 249px;overflow: hidden;
        cursor: pointer;display: none;
        background: url(images/up.png) no-repeat 0px 0;
        z-index: 9999;
        background: url(images/up.png) no-repeat -149px 0;

you can change image with your custom image


icons : Go TO Top Icons - Download 235 Free Go TO Top Icon (Page 1)

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(Jeff Atwood) #12

There is a button up, click or tap the logo.


That takes you to whatever is setup as home page (Latest, Categories) not to the top of the page if you are reading a long thread.

(Kane York) #14

You don’t need to include jQuery, and where’s that other script coming from?

(Jeff Atwood) #15

Yes but in this case, he was on the home page!


ok , i edite it
thank you