Going from PHPBB 3.1 to Discourse....so many questions!

(Cori Foxworthy) #1

My client is currently wanting to change the forums on his site from PHPBB 3.1 to Discourse. First Godaddy does have a hosting package for this (this is where the full site + forums are being hosted) but they can’t do a migration from the MySql database to whatever Discourse uses. The Discourse hosting package is too steep in price at the moment for my client. I know Digital Ocean has a hosting plan as well. Do they handle migration from MySql to whatever database Discourse uses? I am a website designer not developer so knowing how to code for Ruby, PHP, etc is not my strong suit. I would also need a staging instance of the forums for styling purposes as it is not good practice to play with a live version. How can these things be accomplished the easiest? The current forums are about a year old and the client really doesn’t want to start from scratch. Any help, advice, guidance, etc would be greatly appreciated. I am also not a DB admin so I don’t have any real knowledge of importing, exporting, or migrating databases.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

My attack plan would be:

  1. Set up a new digital ocean discourse install. Use the guide ou the 1 click install.

  2. Customize everything with CSS, js and html until you feel it’s good enough.

  3. Hire a freelance Dev to handle the import from phpbb to Discourse.

  4. Set the ttl of the forum dns to the lowest.

  5. Do the import

  6. Turn the dns to the new forum.

(Cori Foxworthy) #3

Ok sorry for being slow. So start with a new install and style that. Once I have the styling matching the rest of the website, get a dev to do the import from the phpbb MySql database to the Discourse Postgresql (?) database. Not sure what ttl is. Does this sound like what you are suggesting?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

Yeah, but isn’t a import from MySQL to PostgreSQL, but a import from PHPBB data into Discourse Data. Being different databases is the simple part. He will need to run this script.

You can configure DNS to cache less, so your users pick the change faster when you turn the key.

(Cori Foxworthy) #5

Thanks, Falco. I will probably need help in configuring the DNS as well. I am checking with a developer friend to see if he can handle this.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #6

The PHPBB script appears to be pretty complete. If you need more help you can always create a topic on the #marketplace category.

(Cori Foxworthy) #7

Well we found someone that is willing to do the migration from MySql to PostgreSQL. We are still looking into hosting. If we go with Digital Ocean, does anyone know if it is possible to set up a staging site so that I can style the forums to match the rest of the site before having the styling go live? Will 2 accounts have to be created or it is possible to have one account that has a staging domain and a live domain?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #8

Why don’t you style before the launch?

If you really want a staging area host a local one:

(Cori Foxworthy) #9

I do have ruby installed on my Windows 10 machine only to learn Sass. However, I thought that Discourse had to run on Unbuntu.


Of course, thats why @Falco said you must run VirtualBox with Vagrant.
Read the github doc :slight_smile:

(Cori Foxworthy) #11

Wow there are so many things I need to install to get Discourse to work. This is mind-numbing for me! I will read through everything to see if I can even handle this.