Going over to Mailgun from ElasticEmail

(Alex) #1


I just set-up my discourse website and used ElasticeEmail for my mail server. Then I found out that Mailgun is the better alternative because it does not offer an UNSUBSCRIBE button. How can I transfer over to Mailgun?

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(Bhanu Sharma) #2

Create an account over at mailgun, Add your credit card information and verify your domain,

Delete all your elasticemail records from DNS and create mailgun records.

Then run ./discourse-setup again and change the email settings to reflect the mailgun SMTP.

Once that’s complete, you should come back online with functioning mailgun sending.

(Alex) #3

It’s asking me to verify my domain like you said and I’m confused with some of the DNS records it’s asking me to write.

The MX records that Mailgun is saying to add does not display a host for me to enter

But under domain.com MX record entries, it asks for a host :frowning:

(Bhanu Sharma) #4

Host should be your sending domain. Which in your case is the root domain so you can just enter @ in the host field
Is your hostname mx.blinqchat.com or mg.blinqchat.com?? I think You’re verifying the wrong domain here.

(Alex) #5

I have no idea what mx.blinqchat.com is, it was already there when I created my domain.

mg.blinqchat.com is the subdomain that Mailgun instructed to create and use for the Mailgun server.

(Bhanu Sharma) #6

Delete all records for mx & mg subdomains

Visit mailgun again & verify your root domain

(Alex) #7

You’re saying delete every MX record in that snapshot?!

(Bhanu Sharma) #8

Let me be clear!
If you want to receive emails at [someone]@blinqchat.com Then don’t because you need to set everything up differently.

If you just want to host your blinqchat.com website and only want discourse to be able to send any emails then delete all other records (MX/TXT etc) that are created by default from your domain provider and only keep the records that you really need:

A record: [Your root domain] -> Your Droplet's IP
CNAME record www -> [Your root domain]
MX record @ -> mxa.mailgun.org mxb.mailgun.org

and other records that mailgun asks you to create.

(Alex) #9

Ah, I got almost everything, just what do you mean by,

(Bhanu Sharma) #10

What I mean by that is ‘If you plan to use your domain to receive inbound email’ then you have to configure everything slightly differently. If you don’t plan to use your domain to receive inbound email then simply follow my suggestion as I provided above and it will sort everything for you.

Inbound email e.g.: people be able to send you emails on alex@blinqchat.com

(Alex) #11

Ahh so do you recommend making a new mailbox/email (through domain.com) called noreply@blinqchat.com and then keeping all the current and default MX records?

(Kane York) #12

Well, you’d set up Straightforward direct-delivery incoming mail instead of a noreply box of course :wink:

But no – try to keep it simple for now and verify it’s working first before you get complicated.

(Bhanu Sharma) #13

I’m afraid You’ll have to contact domain.com first because mass email sending might be against their policy. However, if they’re okay with that, You may try it. But be aware that will be a whole new level of complications!

(Alex) #14

Nevermind scrap that. The email I use for webmail is admin@blinqchat.com and I just want that to be the email used by Mailgun.

(Bhanu Sharma) #15

So you have inbound emails configured… You can still use mailgun. Just ignore the MX records provided by mailgun and create rest of the TXT and cname records requested by mailgun. Then run discourse setup again and update settings to mailgun SMTP

(Alex) #16

Now the TXT records that Mailgun is instructing to add has a hostname.

But then on domain.com DNS entries, there is no hostname field, just the value/content :frowning:

@itsbhanusharma @dnsmichi

(Alex) #17

Just got it activated/verified!

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Please be so kind and stop highlighting my name. I prefer to chose topics where I read and reply myself, this one isn‘t such.

(Alex) #19

My apologies, thought you were part of the discussion. Thank you for your help!

(Marcin Puś) #20

Hi Alex,

I understand that you don’t want to have an usnubscribe button in your emails. Elastic Email in fact does not allow to not have one. But! You can edit this button/link and format it in a way that is not too annoying or doesn’t stand out too much from the rest of the message.

If you choose to send emails without unsubscribe, you also have to take into account, that it might influence your reputation, so your message might end up in the spam folder more often.

If I were you, instead of deleting completely your data from Elastic Email, I would just do some test campaigns with the new provider to check if it actually works for you. That could save you lot of pain in case if it doesn’t really goes so well.

I actually work for Elastic Email and I totally understand why the company wants to make the unsubscribe button mandatory. It will be nearly impossible to send any mass email campaign without it pretty soon anyway.