Google Adsense on Discourse

(Johnny) #1


I am having issues with adsense as google adsense is not accepting subdomain of discourse. and I was informed that discourse works better on a subdomain. So now i get rejected as my domain is blank, and my actual forum is

So, can anyone give me suggestion to fix this issue? or I need to move the forum or reinstall to

(Hugo Roger) #2

You are trying to apply to Adsense using a discourse subdomain? Google does not accept that, only top level domains. You need to get your account approved with a top level domain and no subdomains. Unless its an official AdSense partner or platforms like Hubpages and Blogger which accept subdomains and have a built in system to request approval.

(Johnny) #3

@Hugo_Roger exactly, that’s why I wanted to ask that in order to get my discourse forum approved, I need to install the forum on top level domain? or can I just redirect discourse to top level domain? instead of subdomain.

(Hugo Roger) #4

nonono don’t do any redirects. they hate that, they will reject and might take much longer to process another application… yes you will need to install it in a top level domain… there are many examples out there that work pretty well… one is politiforum(dot)(com) so make sure you have ti set up and wait at least a few months and get good well content and traffic to it. i would wait at least 6 to 8 months. I`m a top contributor on the Google forums so I know what I am talking about.

edit: the time frame I proposed above is based on user location and site quality and content… it varies a lot so the proposed time is just an idea based on many denials and Google’s recommendation. I explained a bit better on this answer here: Why adsense on Blogger doesn’t show - Web Applications Stack Exchange