Google AdSense plugin

(Lucas Didur) #62

Did you have some prediction time he will back to work in recent versions of discourse?

(Michael - #63

We got very, very tired of updating the plugin every week, so we decided to follow the stable branch when 1.0 was released.

I think the new version of stable will be in a week or two and we’ll make sure it’s working in that version within a few days after that.

(san) #64

After installing this plugin in bitnami discourse instance my site is not serving anything. now its blank. help me. i want to revert back.

(Michael - #65

We have updated the Discourse AdSense plugin.

  • The ad refresh issues have been solved, BUT it only supports one ad per page. Still a big improvement though.
  • The README now includes installation instructions for Docker setups
  • The plugin has been updated so it’s compatible with post-1.0 versions of Discourse again.


Would it be possible for you to update the first post of the topic to show either screens or sitelink where this plugin output can be seen.

(Michael - #67

Well, the output is trivial: AdSense leaderboard ads on the post list page and on top of the topic.
You can take a look at one of our DiscourseHosting customers


Thanks. Nicely implemented. Hope to see more than one ad per page. Maybe a floating or fixed ad in the top right next to first post.

(Lucas Didur) #69

I cant save the ad config, it says that an error has occurred.

(Kane York) #70

Here’s an idea: Wait 5 seconds after the render to insert the ad, to make sure that it’s visible on the screen. Make sure to use the cool loading animation when you insert it, too. And animate shoving the posts down. Also make sure it’s visible on the screen before inserting:

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(Michael - #71

Our speciality is hosting… Pull requests are welcome :smile:

(Michael - #72

Well, I used @riking’s idea to make the more-ads-on-one-page work correctly.

It turned out that the plugin was being too fast and it tried to push an ad while the script wasn’t loaded completely.

We now use a small async timeout and fill ad slots until they’ve all been filled - so now multiple ads on one page work pretty well.


Thanks very much for this very important plugin!

One small request: Would it be possible to support sidebar vertical ad formats as well?

And a small bug report:

(Bcguy) #74

Hi Michaeld,

I checked the web site you posted - and there are no ads showing up at the top of the page for me - just white space. Is this still a web site you are hosting and is that ad serving still working?

(Michael - #75

It’s showing ads for me…

(Bcguy) #76

Strange - I’m using the latest chrome browser and this is what I’m seeing. Perhaps my wifi connection isn’t good enough - not sure why I’d have this problem. I do repeated page reload commands and still nothing comes up in the white space.

(jaming) #77

Is it possible your firewall or a plugin is blocking it? I am able to see the ad as well in IE11 & Chrome.

(Bcguy) #78

Ah yes - that is probably it. I was playing with new plugins last week and one must have included an ad blocker. Thanks.


Hi again, I discovered another issue, not sure if it’s intended behavior or not. Here’s where the banner should normally be placed:

I enabled the Discourse option “show subcategory list” (“Show subcategory list instead of topic list when entering a category”). But with this option enabled, the Adsense plugin puts the banner below the subcategory lists:

(Michael - #80

The banner is on top of the topic list… so that’s exactly how it is meant to be :slight_smile:

I do agree with you that this is not as you would expect it to be. Will look into that. Thanks!


Thanks so much for taking a look! Very much appreciated.