Google AdSense plugin

(Lenin Raj Rajasekaran) #82

I have working ads in my main site, but when I use the same ad unit in my forum site, I see 400 for requests related to AdSense.

More details here. Has anyone faced this problem before? How to resolve this?

(Lenin Raj Rajasekaran) #83

It was a configuration issue. I did not include ‘pub-’ in the Publisher code. After adding it, the ads started appearing.


This plugin leads to a bug on Discourse 1.2.0.beta4 where it causes the “Suggested Topics” text to be displayed as “[en.undefined]”:

I disabled the Adsense plugin and rebuilt, and the bug goes away. Re-enabling the Adsense plugin makes the bug come back.


Another bug: the Adsense plugin also prevents the spinner animation from working.

(Michael - #86

We got very, very tired of updating the plugin every week, so we decided to follow the stable branch when 1.0 was released.
When 1.2 is released we’ll make sure that the plugin works again within a few days.

(Khoa Nguyen) #87

I know. I attempted to make a hack on beta 3. But after a upgrade…na.

(Khoa Nguyen) #88

@michaeld A few more things break now : Title Edition (show a blank input with uncategorized). Just let’s you guys know :). Don’t hope it’ll be fixed

(Khoa Nguyen) #89

Fixed in the latest version. You can wait until my PR is merged or install my branch


Thanks a ton @thangngoc89!

(Charles Wilmott) #91

I’ve just installed the tags plugin.

Is it possible to make adsense show on the tags page?

(Khoa Nguyen) #92

It’s very easy. You just need to overwrite tagging template. But recently update of tagging broke Adsense template (again). I’ll fix it soon

(Charles Wilmott) #93

I just noticed a advertising bug with this plugin

for example motor vehicles forum on topic “motor bikes”

2.Adsense reads the text and show ad for “motor bikes”

3.When you click on category below i.e “motor cars”

4.The text refreshes but the ad doesn’t and shows advert related to the last topic. So now the ad is no longer relevant

I hope that’s helpful feedback! :blush:

P.S Just out of interest. Have you got any plans to make a community advert version.
memembers of the community can post paid ads

Thanks again for your great plugin! :blush:

(Bart) #94

I can’t get this plugin to work - whatever I try, I always get the message " Sorry, an error has occurred.". This happens when I enter a published ID or ad slots. Any ideas? I’m on the latest version.

Update: Solved, I had an adblocker running. Disabling it fixed this error. The irony :slight_smile:

(Emma Fu) #95

Is it possible to get ad show in every post, rather than topic…
I feel it will have zero chance to get clicks because most of people use mobile phone.
They already scroll down just the time the page load it…
Very low click rate right now…

(Michael - #96

You can have only three ads per page, so that is not going to work.
Besides, it’s not very user friendly then.

If you get high quality content you will get good ads and people will click on them.


Can we use auto fit size ads block. Google surport it.

(Emma Fu) #98

Thank you for your reply… That is true…

(Bart) #99

Yes, I would like that, too.

(Michael - #100

Can you elaborate on this? Where would they come in handy?

(Bart) #101

I’m using Google’s responsive ads format on my main site. They offer ads in all sizes, not just the two options that the AdSense plugin currently gives us. In addition, I had to create the two new ad formats just for my forum and I’d prefer to stick to my original ad blocks, making everything just a little easier to manage.