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(David Payette) #159

I've read through the comments on this post - I don't want to post a question that's already been answered, but here goes:

I have a new forum up and running at Discourse is awesome - we all know that! I'm running one Adsense ad under the 2nd post in each topic, but it only loads after the user refreshes the page or clicks through to another topic. The ad won't load for the first topic the user looks at, but it works from then on.

Here's an example topic:

As somebody who makes a living from advertising revenue (which I'm incredibly grateful for), I'd love to figure this out.

I am using the Babble shoutbox plugin, but I've tried disabling it before and the problem remains.

Thank you so much for your help,
David P.

(Michael - #160

I still see issues with the Babble plugin, so as long as it’s active, I’m unable to diagnose this further.

(David Payette) #161

Hey Michael,

Thanks so much for looking into it. I’ve disabled the Babble plugin and rebuilt the container. Here’s the javascript error I’m seeing:

(There aren’t any ads.) But sometimes it won’t throw any errors at all when no ads are loaded.

You can replicate the issue by going to the home page - and refreshing your browser. Then, click through to any topic and you shouldn’t see an ad. The next time you visit that or any other topic, you’ll begin to see ads.

Thanks again,
David P.

(ljpp) #162

Two things:

  • Is there any reason not to use responsive code, especially for mobile banners? I have observed that some image based banners do not scale very well. After all 320x is very low for a modern day smartphone, which has a 720p display as a minimum.
  • Please consider adding support for square mobile banners. Currently the 320x50 mobile ads perform much worse than desktop banners (CPM rate is 25…30% of desktop). Soon mobile browsers will be a majority.

(Michael - #163

This plugin is currently broken.

This is caused by the new Client API changes.

Apparently the Adsense plugin doesn’t belong to “the most popular Discourse plugins” :slightly_smiling:

We did not have time to update the AdSense plugin on such a short notice. Since the officially endorsed Discourse ad plugin has been updated to be compatible with the latest API changes, I suggest you use that one instead.

(Robin Ward) #164

Definitely not an intentional slight on my part. My knowledge of popular plugins is heavily influenced by our customers. Expect a PR from me soon :slightly_smiling:

(Robin Ward) #165

And here we go!

(Michael - #166

@eviltrout You rock. Thanks a million.

(ljpp) #167

@eviltrout, @michaeld

I just upgraded to Discourse 1.5b11 and there was an AdSense plugin update available as well – after the updates no banners are displayed. Ouch, this is pretty bad.

What is the current status of the plugin?

Edit: On my other side I did the b11 upgrade earlier, but there was no AdSense update available at the time. With the older AdSense plugin the breakage does not occur and ads work.

(Jeff Atwood) #168

See two posts above yours.

(ljpp) #169

Oh yes I did, and they indicate there was breakage that was fixed. However in real life (beta branch) there wasn’t a breakage before, but now it is broken.

Is there an elegant way to downgrade the plugin or how should I fix this. My wallet is now bleeding.

(Robin Ward) #170

It should still work in the beta branch – what error are you seeing?

(ljpp) #171

I did not see any error on the front side, but ads weren’t displayed. Resolved by upgrading to tests-passed… I opted for the beta to avoid plugin and other breakage, so it did not exactly serve that purpose.

And this behavior was seen on two different sites, so reproduced twice - ads disappeared.

Compatibility checks and stable versioning for plugins
(Robin Ward) #172

I was able to reproduce and fix the bug. I’ve sent a pull request to the plugin and @michaeld should accept it soon to fix the beta issue.

Whatever happened to beta meaning “it has all the functionality, but there still might be bugs?”

(Michael - #173

Pull request merged, thanks @eviltrout !

(ljpp) #174

I originally started with Stable, but you guys said it’s too old and should not be used :slight_smile:. I think you guys could kill the beta branch altogether, as it seems to offer little benefits over test-passed. In fact, rename tests passed as beta, and provide recommendations for sane update frequency.

(ljpp) #175

@michaeld Same suggestion as here, as I use this plugin (Works great, thanks!) – square mobile banners should be added to the supported ad formats.

While the 320x50 is conveniently sized for the user, as it does not clutter the UI, it unfortunately performs very poorly. This coupled with the ever increasing mobile browsing trend (now around 50%) is giving me a headache. The 300x250 seems to be the gold standard today, and 300x100 might be worth considering as well.

Obviosuly Google does support responsive as well, but I have no idea how to implement that in optimal fashion.

(Rodrigo) #176

Hi there, hoping to get some help, I added the Adsense Plugin to my docker, but getting an error with v1.6.0.beta2 +108 (Latest right now).

Any changes made in the settings --> Adsense configuration page, I get the following error message:

" Sorry, an error has occurred."

No idea how to fix this… suggestions would be appreciated :smiley: Thanks

Edit: Never mind, found the answer in this thread! Thanks :slight_smile:

(Dan Dascalescu) #177

Would anyone else want to have only one topic ad (either top, or bottom) for very short topics, e.g. with only one message?

(Jeff Atwood) #178

Yes that definitely makes sense, @neil can this be on your longer term todo list? Or @techapj could take it.