Google AdSense plugin

(ljpp) #179

I would like to re-propose this what I mentioned in February. The 320x50 mobile banner is performing very poorly and since mobile usage is at 50% and growing, this is a problem for ad-funded communities.

Another thing I keep wondering is that should responsive ad codes be used instead of fixed size?

(Karthik) #180

That’d be nice to have.

(Sebastian) #181

Well my love affair for this topic was short but sweet. Google’s policies makes Adsense for communities a very hard line to walk on. I had to decide between censoring my forums or deactivating Adsense. I opted for the latter. Now trying to figure out a way to put up Amazon CPM on my Discourse…

(Spooky) #182

I highly recommend responsive ads, all my sites are running this. Noo need to do anything and it chose the right size based on the screen size. I also think that the best thing is just to have places where we can inject HTML code, it’s a more versatle solution and you can put any ad or HTML code you want.

(Spooky) #183

Can you please tell me:

  1. What happens if the user resize the browser window to mobile size, does it change the ad size or it will remain large?
  2. Can I put an ad only in topic pages?

Thanks in advance.

(ljpp) #184

@michaeld Any chance of adding the 300x250?


plugin is breaks the site with the latest updates:

(gauthier) #186


This plugin is still no compatible with the last version of discourse?
It’s seems ok with the ‘stable’ branch.

(Michael - #187

Eviltrout helped us out by creating a pull request, however we cannot get it to work, so I reverted it.

You could try to check out this commit and see it if works:

Can someone repair our plugin?
(gauthier) #188

Thanks, but it’s same problem…

(Michael - #189

I’m sorry, but we’re lost. Our Ember knowledge is minimal.

I’m offering one year of free hosting on our Professional plan for whoever can fix this.

Can someone repair our plugin?
(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #190

If you’re gonna have a hard time maintaining this plugin, wouldn’t it be better to move your customers over to our officially supported AdSense plugin?

(Michael - #191

Last time I checked your plugin is incompatible with ours, so the transition is not easy and we decided it is more easy to pay someone to fix it.


  • I am getting a bit sad of writing plugins that suddenly break and then being told that it’s not “officially supported” and we should abandon it. (Don’t get me wrong - I appreciate @eviltrout making a PR the same day it broke - but unfortunately it still doesn’t work for us and for others)
  • Our customers do not want ADVERTISEMENT in caps above the ad
  • I think this plugin is used by more people than our customers and many people have asked us to fix it.

(Neil Lalonde) #192

Some sites require it, so it’s on by default. To disable, use the following CSS:

.google-adsense-label, .google-dfp-ad-label, .amazon-product-links-label {
  display: none;

Also, there’s a stable branch of the plugin which currently has all the fixes from master. @tgxworld merged it so I’m guessing it works against stable Discourse.

(Michael - #193

The plugin was fixed by @vinothkannans ! Great job and thanks man!!

(Turned out @eviltrout’s fix caused a crash when the plugin decided not to display ads, for instance because of the max. trust level setting)

(Robin Ward) #194

That explains why I couldn’t reproduce it. I had everything set up to display ads so that I could confirm it was working!

(Mitchell Krog) #195

Thank you, works beautifully.

(Simeon) #196

Would prefer this plugin to serve ads based on Group, rather than Trust Level. Possibility of this becoming a feature?

(Michael - #197

Can you give a few use case examples for that? Just want to know I’m understanding your needs correctly.

(Simeon) #198

I serve ads to users based on whether they have donated to the forum or not. When they donate, they get put into a group. I would prefer to show ads based on whether they are a member of a particular group or not. Their trust level isn’t really the issue here, it’s how big a financial contribution they’ve made to offset the needs to have ads on the site at all.