Google Analytics & Search console integration?

(Harsh Agrawal) #1

Hey team
I’m on the self-hosted Discourse platform, and needed help with few things:

  1. How Do I verify my discourse sub-domain in GWT?
  2. How do I track stats using Google analytics?

Sorry I was not able to find any tutorial, and if you can point me to any guide/tutorial or direct me, I could get it done.

(Michael Downey) #2

There are several ways to do this which are documented in Google Webmaster Tools. I created a DNS record for it.

There’s a site setting called ga universal tracking code. Put your GA property number, e.g., UA-12345678-1, in there.

(Harsh Agrawal) #3

Thanks @downey
Quick question: How can I edit robots.txt file?

(Kane York) #4

What about it do you want to edit…?