Google only finds old forum links 5 months after migration

We recently moved from our old fashioned Word Press based forum to Discourse and we, and our users, love it.

The problem is that we had to move to a different server/sub domain. So now we have and where Discourse is.

After we made this move (approximately 5 months ago) - Google search results still show our old forums in search results as if the new ones don’t exist. We’ve added the new sub domain to google webmaster tools, we made sure that google analytics is using the same code and that cookieDomain stuff is “auto” on both.

We tried searching for an exact topic title for example which is quite unique, put it in quotes and often there are no results in google search. Examining the indexed pages in webmaster tools shows that pages are indexed, the .rss stuff and user pages isn’t which is how it should be.

Is there anything that can be done to improve the situation? Are we missing something?

Your first port of call is the Google webmaster tools, do those all check out? Anything weird going on with URL redirects?


There’s nothing really strange going on in the Google Webmaster Tools. There are two “properties” there. We created one for the main site and another one for the community forums. Seems to be the way Google wants to have things.