Google Registered Domain, Amazon Lightsail DNS, Google Compute Engine Discourse, SparkPost


I have a registered domain name with google where I am using name servers issued by amazon lightsail where I am hosting my wordpress website. I wanted to use google compute to run a vps with discourse. I’ve installed discourse and have setup sparkpost according to Using SparkPost with Discourse - SparkPost with the exception of the last step which is to uncomment - exec: rails r "" Unfortunately, uncommenting throws an error. However, the issue i am running into is when i try to register the admin account, I am not receiving the email. Discourse is sending the email since sparkpost shows an increase in the number of emails sent by 1 each time i try. It is not in my spam folder. Any clues? TIA.

(Matt Palmer) #2

If the e-mail is getting to Sparkpost, the problem is between Sparkpost and your mailbox, not with Discourse. Talk to Sparkpost support to get help finding out what’s gone wrong.