Google Search Results show "browser too old"

(Steve Baer) #1

Do a search for “rhino discourse event RhinoDoc” in google.

I see a bunch of results with descriptions that read

“Unfortunately, your browser is too old to work on this Discourse forum. Please upgrade your browser…”

(Kevin P. Fleming) #2

This has been addressed before, in this thread: Google search results issue with forums powered by Discourse

What version of Discourse is the site in question running?

(Steve Baer) #3

Ok; for some reason my search skills didn’t find that topic. We’re on right now; I’ll just keep an eye out for it after we upgrade.

(Kevin P. Fleming) #4

The similarity in topic subjects should have caused Discourse to show you the topic in a list while you were composing yours. Did it not do that?

(Dave McClure) #5

I just tried creating a topic and typing “google search results are not good”. I got no popup with suggested topics. I know it used to do that… perhaps there’s been a regression there?

Your topic is similar to... should be based on Topic Title or Message Body
(Steve Baer) #6

Sorry, working too fast to pay attention to that. I’ll try to pay do a better job of watching for that in the future.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Definitely an issue in older versions – turns out Google is now parsing JavaScript.

(Jeff Atwood) #8