Gravatar profile picture broke


(Tom Hsiung) #1


I modified the expose port from 80 to another number because I also installed apache2 server on my Linux home server. However, I found that Gravatar profile picture did not work normally. The Gravatar profile picture was replaced by a error question mark icon. See below.


Inspect the element, and try its URL standalone in another browser window. Check for port suffix in URL and see if manually changing it fixes it. Then you have the source of your issue.

(Tom Hsiung) #3

Thanks for your replay. Let me try to restore the expose port to 80:u6e80:


(Tom Hsiung) #4

After I edited the app.yml file (to restore the expose port to 80:80), I rebuild the Discourse by sudo launcher rebuild app. However, issue persists after that procedures. Now I am trying to resolve this issue by discourse-setup command. Again, Discourse is not easy to configure and there always is something wrong.

(Tom Hsiung) #5

Of no luck. After run the command of discourse-setup the Gravatar picture still breaks. What’s wrong?

(Tom Hsiung) #7

Hi, guys

I think I found the cause. It was caused by the domain configuration for Discourse. I added port after my domain name (, which was the original cause to this issue. After changing the domain back, Gravatar came back. I hope my experience would help you.

The reason I added port number to the domain was to change the default URL sent by Discourse system. I use dynamic DNS so I have to add port after the domain name. Also my ISP blocks the 80 port. So it’s difficult to set up a public Discourse site.


(Jay Pfaffman) #8

Like I said in another topic, Discourse does not work on a non standard port. Your isp doesn’t want you to run a web server,so you can’t run discourse on your home server (at least not to have anyone outside of you access it).

It will work fine on a $5/month virtual server. If you don’t have $5/month, you’ll need to use different software.

(Michael Howell) #9

Or you could run it as a Tor Hidden Service or something. I’m not sure if I’d recommend that, since accessing a HS is kind of complicated, but if you’re targeting a nice and technical user base, Tor is really, really good at getting around network limitations.

(Jeff Atwood) #10