Gravatars not showing with Adblock enabled

(David Liaw) #1

It’s probably a bug with adblock, but at this point I’m not really sure. But either way when Adblock is enabled this is what is shown (avatars are also missing from topics/posts):

Only a couple avatars are shown.

Disable it for this domain (or altogether) it reverts backs to normal:

This happened quite some time ago but thought nothing of it at the time, but I finally got irritated at it and decided to figure out what was happening.

Edit: Only seems to happen when the Antisocial filter is activated (which removes social buttons).

(Ben T) #2

This isn’t a bug for Adblock, or Discourse. You are blocking avatars from Gravatar; and thus they are not loading. Some will still load due to being uploaded locally to meta.

(David Liaw) #3

Ah makes sense, I guess gravatar is listed under ‘social’ and as such Adblock blocks it (see edit). Thanks for clarification.

(Régis Hanol) #4