Group mention email was "skipped" because "[UserEmail] Can't find a post with id 143228"

A user on our site recently posted a message and mentioned a group, but users of the group did not receive an email. The group has ~50 people and the max users notified per group mention setting is set to 100.

I poked around the admin UI and saw this in the Emails > Skipped section:

[UserEmail] Can't find a post with id 143228

If I run this query in the data explorer, I see the post that includes the group mention:

SELECT * from posts where id = 143228

Any idea what the cause of that could be?

They did mention the group twice within the post… is it possible that caused some logic to trip over the max users threshold?


This sounds like a possible timing bug to me but I can not see why, maybe we have a nested transaction. Having a look.

Edit the code and flow looks good to me, is there any way to repro this issue?

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Will keep an eye out for it and/or let you know if we can reproduce it.

I think we discovered another part of this mystery. The original post was filtered by Akismet initially. I’m going to assume that is the important missing piece here. And since our forum is login only, I’ve gone ahead and disabled akismet by setting skip akismet trust level to 0.

I can’t confirm 100% that this is the issue, but I’m happy assuming that it is for now.