Group mentions and messages

(Daniela) #21

Well, the group is visible at least to admins and owner(s)

BTW even with these settings

I can send messages to a trust_level group.
After an hard refresh (ctrl + f5) you will see the Message button appears on the top right

Is your instance updated? Do you have any third-party plugins installed?


Thanks for the excellent screenshots! Is the group message button something in the 2.0 release or has it always been there? We’re running a custom frontend, which could explain why I’m not seeing the Message button. But that wouldn’t explain why I’m not seeing the group in the editor. On 1.9, so I’ll have to wait to get to 2.0 before I can say we’re current and we can rule out version issues.


(DaveK) #23

Did anything change with 2.2? Because mentioning @admins in a PM would trigger notifications for all admins in the group, this no longer works on my instance (I have everything enabled in the settings). Tried on another set up, same result.

Or am I going crazy and this was never the case?

Allow PM mentions plugin. Restore group (@admins) mentions in user messages for Discourse 2.2 and up
(Gerhard Schlager) #24

Yes, this behavior changed in 2.2. Admins are only notified about mentions in a PM if they were invited to the PM – either directly or via a group they belong to.

We changed this because there were numerous complaints by admins and users that notifying admins about mentions was an unexpected behavior if they were not invited to the PM.

(DaveK) #25

OMG nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. My entire community is used to @mentioning admins in PMs :frowning: And they do it frequently too.

Ugh, more dev money wasted. Can this be recovered via a plugin?

(Gerhard Schlager) #26

I guess you should be able to change it via plugin. Here’s the relevant commit: FIX: Notify only invited users about mentions in PMs · discourse/discourse@5640166 · GitHub

Watching PM function not triggering notifications
(DaveK) #27

Would be nice if this was a setting, vs. having it removed completely. Hopefully, future releases take under the consideration that lots of complaints don’t mean everyone.

Thank you for your help, will forward this to my dev.

(Sam Saffron) #28

Just get them to use flagging, or the invite button, plenty of options

(DaveK) #29

I already have custom plugins that heavily rely on that feature, and I’ve literally just taught my community to tag @admins over the past two months. I guess I have to revert this somehow with a plugin.

(Stephen) #30

The thing is that while everyone here understands that admins can read PMs without an invite there are many with the illusion of privacy who assume that only named participants can see the message.

That said, it would make sense that tagging a user or group in a PM would notify the user who tagged them that they don’t have access to ask if they wanted to invite them, right?

(DaveK) #31

Not arguing there, and it makes absolute sense what you’re saying. The issue lies with removing something that was once a feature with no way of keeping it as a setting. I understand why users tagging users in PMs was a bad idea, but how many times do people type @admins in their PMs (without needing help) to where this was a problem? To me it was a great and convenient feature where users could simply type @admins help and boom, we got notified.

But, it is what it is, can’t complain as overall Discourse is great. Just got sucker punched with this today and it ticked me off, as I’ve noticed lots of users tried to flag us over the past few days and it didn’t work. I guess I should read the release notes better with next updates -_-

Thanks for replying.

(Stephen) #32

I think that’s the point in contention here. You saw it as a feature which meant it was a conscious design decision instead of a consequence of other decisions.

(DaveK) #33

Fixed via plugin: Restore group (@admins) mentions in user messages