Group setting adjustments for Invite History?

Hoping you can help me figure a way to do better follow ups.

We are trying to provide support to our community members.
To do so, we assign the forum posts to each other using the ‘‘invite’’ function found in a Thread.
Only issue yet is that we cannot see when someone was invited. So we’d like the Moderators and Admin to see the invite history per posts / Thread. Any other member would not be allowed to see it.

Is it possible to adjust the Group settings in Discourse so that only Moderators and Admin can view the Invite History on public posts? Or is there a dashboard / List to see these ‘‘invites’’ separately for a specific group?

OR, is there a better way to proceed so that we assure a better follow up of our assigned and unreplied invites?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mariane welcome to the forum

I may not be entirely understanding your use case, but it sounds like you are wanting to use Invites to do what the Assign plugin does.


Hey there @Mittineague,
Wow thank you so much!
It is a great work around solution. We were focusing on the “invite” function since it was the only thing we found at first.

What you suggest seems to be the best solution. I will take a look at this with my team to see if that would suit their needs.

I’ll be back if needed.
Thanks again :blush:

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