Grouping multiple Email Addresses for weekly PMs to the same group

Is there a way to group people for easy PMing of multiple players?

Specific example:
I need to send a weekly PM to specific players (about 30) within a certain private group in discourse. Is there a way to group them, so that I don’t need to individually invite each one, each week? Is there a way to put those 30 into a “saved” email group list?

I cannot simply post the contents of the PM to public post, because this is specific discussion that others within the group should not have access to.


I’m not sure what I’m missing.

You create a group and PM the group.

Either you want the PM to go to the group or you don’t. If MainGroup has Members A, B, C, and you want to message only members a, b each week, you need to create a SubGroup that has only members A, B.