Groups for private boards not working

(Bill Snider) #1

I created private boards, created groups, added users to the groups, then added groups to the private boards. However, none of my private boards show up to any of my users. I’ve refreshed the page, as well as signed out and back in. Nothing worked. Am I missing something?

Just so you know, I am nesting the private category within another private category

Category 1 = group can see only
–> Category 2 = group has full permissions

(Sam) #2

As a quick check, have you set descriptions for the new categories or made any topics in them? They don’t show up (at the very least, not reliably) to non-admin users until you do one or the other.

(apologies if this is an obvious thing, but I’ve missed it a time or two)

(Bill Snider) #3

Yes, there are descriptions in the categories that I’m making private. I even posted to one of them, and still no change. I have one private board that is working, so I’m comparing what I did different with that one.

(Bill Snider) #4

I got it working. You’re right it is a little buggy. I had the “Who can use this group as an alias?” set for “Only group members, moderators, admins.” I changed it to “Nobody”, and then back to “Only group members…” and it started working. Wow, okay.

Has anyone found a specific order when to change the group alias? Should it be before or after adding group members?

(Kane York) #5

I think you have to change it after saving the group for the first time then refreshing. A bit buggy.

(Bill Snider) #6

Yeah, that is how it’s working.