GSuite/Gmail Discourse Setup


(I’ve read several threads about people trying to use (free) GMail accounts and issues therein. This does not apply, I believe, to someone using a paid GSuite domain (which is what I’m doing).)

The Short Form: I’m trying to debug my email connection and I can’t see what SMTP commands discourse is actually sending. I have verified that outgoing email works from my server via interactive SMTP directly. The production.log, however, doesn’t really tell me what discourse is /doing/. It just says “…Username and Password not accepted…”. Is there someway to get a log of what SMTP commands discourse is issuing? I’m hoping to avoid looking at the source :wink:

(More Details): I have set up discourse in an AWS VM via docker (ala the instructions here). I have set up my GSuite to use SMTP relay from a specified IP (my VM). This means that the server shouldn’t even have to AUTH. At this moment, I’m still in the bootstrap setup where it’s trying to send an admin email to me and failing :). I am assuming that discourse by default will initiate STARTTLS. I also believe that gmail will see the actual IP address of the AWS server and not the internal/local ip address of the docker container. Ideally, I’d just like some lower level tools to be able to debug this myself.

Any suggestions? 8D


Actually, after I posted this, I found this post (which for some reason didn’t show up when I searched that thread the first time…) about GSuite & Discourse . I lacked… faith :), so I wasted a certain amount of time experimenting, but basically if you follow his instructions to tweak app.yml, comment out the auth and pw (and I uncommented the tls line, even though supposedly it’s the default), it works :).