GTmetrix Score so low?

(Hakan) #1

the discourse official site and my site’s opening speed is very slow.

this is badly welcomed by the search in Google. Is there a way to optimize JavaScripts?

In my first scan test, my site opens in 20 seconds. This is a very bad figure, can we take a look at this?

(Christoph) #2

Have you seen this topic?

(Joe) #3

Beyond the discussion linked above, there’s an issue that you might need to address on your site.

The page size is over 8.5mb on initial load.

Most of it is the thumbnails you added to the topic list. While they are small in dimensions (~70px wide), you’re actually loading the full size file for each of those images

For a quick comparison the homepage on Youtube is 1.4mb

(Hakan) #4

How do I optimize these images?

Topic list preview plugin @angus

(Angus McLeod) #5

By default, topic list previews produces optimised thumbnails of images it previews.

Do you have this site setting on?

(Hakan) #6

Yes hotlink setting on

(Gary McPherson) #7

As per the warning in the description, enabling that setting will load the full-sized images rather than the optimised thumbnails, so you should turn it off

(Hakan) #8

Hotlink setting off and 8mb to 4mb new pagesize.

(Hakan) #9

what else can I do about 8 seconds down the page size is 4mb

(Hakan) #10

I have removed this option (off) but nothing has changed. Could you help ?

(Gary McPherson) #11
  1. You still have a lot of full-sized images being loaded — there’s a single image contributing 1.6MB of page weight alone. If you have disabled hot-linking, then you may have previously generated thumbnails without setting the appropriate dimensions. You might need to re-bake, which I believe should regenerate your thumbnails, but @angus may have better advice to offer on that front.

  2. Looking at your waterfall, a number of images hosted under your sub-domain are loading very slowly, but it’s not immediately clear why. I don’t know how your infrastructure is set up, but you should look into that.

  3. Additional (but relatively small) delays are being introduced by your Google Ads and Twitter scripts. These are external resources, so there’s not much you can do about those if you need to use them, just be aware they’re not helping your overall page performance.

(Hakan) #12

img subdomain is helping me upload images to another server. So I upload my pictures to a nice speed server.

What I need right now is the settings of the plugin, which will help us in this regard @angus

(Angus McLeod) #13

As @Genyus suggested, you need to rebake your posts.